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O Shot

River Hills Family Medicine

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There can come a time in anyone’s life — male or female — when your sexual life can use a boost, which is why River Hills Family Medicine offers the O shot and P shot. Not only do these shots offer improved sexual health, but they also address urinary incontinence in women. Under the direction of Lori Naglieri, MD, patients in Austin and Leander, Texas, can improve their reproductive health with the O and P shots. To learn more, call the practice or use the online scheduling tool.

O Shot Q & A





What is the O shot?

The O shot is short for orgasm shot, which relies on platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve your vaginal health. The platelets in your blood are primarily responsible for clotting your blood, but they also contain powerful growth factors, which when injected into your vagina, can help:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve tissue health
  • Encourage innervation

Dr. Naglieri harvests the platelets from your own blood. Then using a centrifuge, she creates a concentrate which she injects in your vaginal tissue. Once these platelets arrive on the scene, they call in additional resources to help rejuvenate your tissue from the inside out.

Not only can the O shot improve your sexual health, but it can also help with urinary incontinence by supplying additional tissue support for your bladder.

What is the P shot?

The P shot stands for the Priapus shot, which also uses blood-derived growth factors. These growth factors help with circulation, which is key to a man’s ability to achieve an erection. The P shot also encourages new nerve growth, which can help with sensitivity.

Like the O shot, Dr. Naglieri collects the platelets from your own blood and creates the PRP, which she injects in several areas along your penis.

Why would I need an O shot or P shot?

When it comes to sexual health, the primary disrupter is age. In both men and women, the hormone changes that naturally come with aging can hamper circulation, nerves, and tissue health. Through PRP, Dr. Naglieri supplies your sexual and reproductive organs with the additional resources they need for improved health.

For example, women who go through perimenopause and menopause experience a sudden drop in estrogen levels, which can lead to a lack of resources to keep vaginal tissue strong and lubricated. In fact, half of women report some degree of vaginal atrophy after menopause, and many also report problems with incontinence.

Women can also experience vaginal health problems after childbirth or after certain cancer treatments.

Men experience increasing issues with erectile dysfunction as they age, which often develops on the heels of poor circulation.

In both cases, the O and P shots can help provide a boost in resources.

To explore whether you’re a good candidate for either the O or P shot, call River Hills Family Medicine or use the online scheduling tool.

Learn more: https://oshot.info/