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Ideal Protein

River Hills Family Medicine

Family Medicine located in Austin, TX & Leander, TX

It’s almost impossible to overstate the impact that extra weight can have on your health, both physical and mental. To give you a leg up in your battle against the extra pounds, River Hills Family Medicine offers a unique weight-loss program called Ideal Protein®. This diet is medically supervised by Lori Naglieri, MD, and Dori DuCharme, an Ideal Protein coach, and it’s helping patients in Austin and Leander, Texas, find a long-lasting solution to weight problems. For more information on Ideal Protein, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

Ideal Protein Q & A

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Why do I need to lose weight?

Shedding excess pounds can have a profound effect on your life, improving your health, your self-esteem, and your ability to lead a happy and active life. The implications of being overweight are serious and cannot be overstated. 

As an example, the diabetes numbers continue to climb at alarming rates in the United States, as more than 30 million people have the disease and 84 million more are in dangerous prediabetes territory. 

While these numbers may seem like bad news, there is good news, too. If you’re prediabetic, you have the opportunity to take charge of your health and prevent diabetes from developing — which can be accomplished through weight loss.

This is just one example of the many problems that are either directly or indirectly influenced by your weight, which include everything from heart disease to arthritis.

How can I lose weight and keep it off with Ideal Protein?

Losing weight can be an extremely frustrating battle, and fad diets do little to help. While they may offer quick results, they’re fleeting, and many people end up putting the weight back on, and even a little more. After much research, the team at River Hills Family Medicine found Ideal Protein — a medically developed ketogenic weight-loss and weight-management program.

Ideal Protein emphasizes patient education, namely why you gain weight in the first place, so that you’re better armed to lose the pounds. Through workshops, one-on-one counseling, and dietary products, Dori and her team give you the tools you need to reach your target weight. But they don’t stop there. The goal behind Ideal Protein is to help you maintain your weight through healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes that will serve you well long into the future.

How does Ideal Protein work?

When you come in, Dori and Dr. Naglieri perform a complete evaluation of your health, including a digitalized body composition scan that measures your body’s hydration, fat, and lean muscle mass. From there, you commence your Ideal Protein program, which is based on science for safe weight loss using four phases:

  • Achieve 100% of your weight loss with gourmet Ideal Protein products
  • Learn the fundamentals of food and its effects on your body
  • Develop smarter eating and lifestyle habits
  • Maintain your great results

With full support from Dr. Naglieri, Dori, and the team at River Hills Family Medicine every step of the way, you can successfully shed the extra weight and lead a healthier life. Simply call the office to get started on Ideal Protein or use the online scheduling tool.

Learn more: https://idealprotein.com/